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We create the future together with our furry patients.

Magdalena Jander, PhD

Business Development, Tech Transfer Expert

PhD, Biotechnologist, Technology Scout. Experienced in developing projects merging science and business. Graduate of “Leadership Academy” – development program guided by Harvard educators and established by Center for Leadership.

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Antonio J. Villatoro Jiménez, DVM, PhD

CTO, Chief Technical Officer, President of the Supervisory Board

He holds a doctorate in Veterinary Medicine from the University of Córdoba, a Diploma in Health from the National School of Health, a master’s degree in Business Administration, as well as other postgraduate degrees. He is currently the president of the Royal Academy of Veterinary Sciences of Eastern Andalusia. In the last ten years, he has dedicated his activity to the knowledge and development of different clinical protocols with cell therapy, both with stem cells and other cell types as strategies in the field of immune-mediated diseases, oncology and aging, in the field of veterinary medicine, and the translation of their results for possible use in human medicine.

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Adam Kiciak, MD, PhD 

CEO, Chief Executive Officer, Stem cells therapy expert in humans

Medical doctor, scientist and multidisciplinary entrepreneur experienced in clinical trials coordination. His research interests are broadly in cancer treatment, probiotics, biodiversity, microbiome, plant extracts and developing novel pharmaceutically active leads. His work was focused on the implementation to animal’s husbandries novel and eco-friendly feeding expertise to minimize overuse of antibiotics and ZnO and thus save humans from bacteria interspecies cross-resistance and environment from pollution. An author and co-author of many medical publications as well as a coordinator and supervisor of more than 20 field studies devoted for both greenhouse gases production and waste-pollution reduction, conducted in livestock, cattle and poultry husbandries (production and experimental farms) in Poland, Spain and China.

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